Climate of care and sometimes the lack of it

I am sliding around, wrestling with the slippery subject of care, or the lack of it. Right now it is about the issue of homelessness.

I have been trying to understand how it is that over 450,000 homes are standing empty.

I started to think that some of this was due to the inequitable laws around VAT. They are a minefield but can be understood a little by looking at Terri Bruce – Renovate Me Contributor.

Then I read about the market forces that operate to favour wealthier people who use land as a banking resource, parking their capital on it without actually allowing it to offer the opportunity for the creation or, more usually the renovation of existing housing stock.

Then I had a conversation about the loss of income to local authorities when the right to buy council owned housing was created by Margaret Thatcher. Councils were not allowed to receive the monies for the properties they created for local housing.

And I dared not look into the laundering of monies by buying property that leave great cities like London full of empty property and create a situation were those who might service the needs of these buildings are forced out to the suburbs.

Finally I really wonder at the proposed relaxation of planning law relating to building on the Green Belt.

All this in the face of the fallout from


behind which is


behind which is

Climate Change

Then I wonder about


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