Pip on Pen Trumau 2013.

Looking for a mark, not just any mark but an essential mark, I draw a line. It is how I begin and sometimes where I end, if only to take a temporary pause before there is another line.

Marks in the landscape, marks on the wall and the unseen marks created both between us and through us, bear some sort of primal testimony to my humanness.

The call to offer work for an exhibition ‘Lines of Desire’  caught my interest, made me conscious of the lines that run through my work. The images I offered were a mixture of recorded moments, wild ideas and experiments following  lines of thought provoked by observation.

My work begins from where I am, takes on the materials to hand and leads me to new places.

If you are interested, follow my blog as I explore how one line may lead to another,  inspired by the staff an residents of Mountains Care Home , the work of Professor David Mann at the Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, University of Manchester and the volunteers, workers and participants of Tea & Chat a drop-in initiated by Brecon Dementia Friendly Community, I have created a large body of work some of which will be shown at ACE arts Somerton, June 2018, then in full at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery in 2019 .

And now I am exploring my brain……

It leaves me wondering where this line will go.