Identity in the SPace

Swansea Printworkshop member Rose Davies been the powerhouse behind securing the SPace, a premises owned by Coastal Housing in Swansea on the High Street.

Together with 12 others the SPace has been a temporary art space in which to make and show work, meet people and exchange ideas. Last Wednesday I  created a piece of work by covering everything in the gallery with tissue paper with an invitation to visitors to lift the cover and reveal the identity of the work. Alongside this and using the SPace as a testbed I installed a new piece of my studio work that also explores identity.

SPace 3SPace 1 SPace 2

On Friday evening we had about 20 people come and join us to discuss both my work and that of others who have used the paper to explore a sense of identity in relation to experiences of changes in our own identity and that of others near to us.

My marks have used the earliest form of writing, Sumerian cuneiform as a starting point that now leads me off to consider a wider sense of human identity.


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2 Responses to Identity in the SPace

  1. gillian binks says:

    Hello Pip
    Re the SPace exhibition. your pieces look stunning, colours are stunning too, I got just a sense of the fragility from the photos, they need to be seen for real to feel that fragility.
    Such an amazing achievement to have persevered and made this work with these materials.
    How long are they in the gallery for ?

    From the photos they have the same feeling of exposure and vulnerability and bravery in ‘being out there’ that the woollen line has?

    Gill Binks


    • caerhendre says:

      Thanks Gill,

      The main piece is there until 11th February when we will be having a celebration of the SPace at 5/ 5.30 until about 7pm when I plan to remove it.
      SPace is open Wednesday to Saturday 11.30- 5pm and I am there on 3rd February as well.

      Fascinating comment of the comparison with Woollenline especially considering the different contexts, more food for thought!


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