Thinking about the words we use

Social distancing

Self isolation



I cannot work out which is more disturbing – I have a morbid dread of being wrongfully imprisoned, shut in by walls, cut off from human contact, warmth of love, of quiet fresh air and the sounds of life growing and going about the business of living and dying,

or the fear of others rejecting physical contact

Words have power beyond the letters from which they are formed, interpreted by each of us according to our private and internal codes.

If I learnt anything from being alongside people with a diagnosis of dementia it was that they often spoke or acted out truth that seared through my confusions. Right now maybe that world of dementia has something more to teach……………………

This is an image of me drawn by Roy

Pip by Roy 2

and this is an image of Roy drawn by me with his images alongside

Pip by Roy & Roy by Pip  April 12

what I saw sits on a surface, what he has drawn digs deeper It is a useful reminder to revisit learning and experiences.

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