So as I assemble the days of my life, actually re-assemble might better describe the process, the actions stimulate thinking , discoveries. Perhaps it is obvious, but the more I stitch the ‘days’ together the more I learn about the material I am working with.

6 years of 'days'

6 years of ‘days’


There’s the reminder about the paper, why I chose it, what has happened to it when I have coloured it. The noticing how the unique marks on each piece are gradually obscured by the next pieces, that for a time, allow the earlier pieces to have a presence until they are finally obscured. I thought this was like memory but actually memory pops up in random ways. Chronology is remade.

There is also the realisation that stitching loads of single pieces of paper together takes time. This then allows that nagging question of why? why would I do this. Current answers in my head are ‘ to see what happens’, ‘no different from mixing  paint’ ‘ large works take time’, how else will I learn……………

Today I am on year 11 each stitch showing me something new

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1 Response to Working

  1. Alison Kidd says:

    It makes me think ‘what are we made of?’
    Looking amazing as it builds.


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