New year ahead

Today is new year’s eve and despite the fact that its ‘just’ another date it gives me pause to consider the work in process. Hours of logistical fiddling with wire, string, paper clips and little brass rings following hot on the heels of even more time spent sourcing paper and colours. So many small decisions, things thrown aside for both practical and conceptual reasons. Moments too of extreme excitement after a series of mishaps, I long to record some of the sights that pass my eyes as they speak volumes all on their own and then they are gone.

So why this impossibly fragile  paper, when its wet it will tear alone its own. Identity is fragile but can also sometimes be strong.

Decisions about colour and marks are complex too. I have not settled on the marks entirely, a matter of scale that needs experimentation. Colour on the other hand has become simple, vine black, madder red inks, both unstable in light with oil based white as the persistent mark.

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