So I start to wonder how did I get here?

“lines all cross and intersect, so where do all the lines connect?”

A drawn line, a woollenline and then?

So more than 40,000 years ago one of my ancestors drew a line, or rather many of my ancestors in different places and different times made their marks, marks still visible today, able to instill wonder and inspire  questions about identity and meaning.

A fragile thing, identity. Slippery when measured  against others. A thing that appears to change as it merges with the background, blossoms and seems to fade. But like a mark made on a cave wall persists.

And what is meaning?

03. Intersection 1


Who is ‘they’?I ? us? you?



From moment to moment

07.Sept 1st


Side by side we look at the same vase of dying flowers and find different ways to articulate what we see

08. Jean & Pipdrawing dying vase of flowers


Sitting side by side we support each other to try another way to articulate the world at any given moment

12.With another artist

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