Days of my life

I am making a piece of work that might be called days of my life. Over 22,000 of them and rising as each day passes!

What I find interesting about this somewhat task led idea is what happens over time.

To begin with it was a gentle and playful idea that seemed too unlikely to ever be realised. I am using the fragile paper with which, in another piece of work, I am exploring aspects of identity.

I treat the paper with a protein based binder which gives it a skin like quality as well as some substance. It reminds me of my friend who suffers badly with psoriasis and who is constantly loosing skin.

Then the work became a means of tidying all the trial experiments of another piece of work. It pleases me to find a way of recycling all the experimentation.

Then I just cut the plain treated paper. In my head is the daunting prospect of another 21,000 pieces to go.

Now I am drawing on the paper before treating it and cutting it up and as I do so I find myself thinking how this all seems to create a metaphor for how work gets made. The drawing has released a new energy into the work, creating curiosity.

I wonder too at whether or not this work will help my exploration of brain tissue.

That word tissue…………..


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