So this is ME !

A drawing event as part of The Big Draw in Brecon on Saturday October 22nd yielded 167 images responding to the exclamation This is ME ! an event  organised with support from Brecon Area Dementia Friendly Community.

It was a joyous day and one that gave pause for thought.

One visitor came in and announced that he had ‘only come to offer a donation’, however he was eventually encouraged to make an image. The incident left me considering what it is we actually value especially after creating an event in Bristol where users of Aldi in North Street where asked to draw what they valued on the store windows.
2011-05-15-22-54-11 2011-05-15-22-18-11 2011-05-15-21-45-44 2011-05-15-22-54-57 2011-05-15-22-56-11



and what we value


img_0411 img_0414 img_0403 img_0404

Drawing offers me a different dimension for communication, a chance to meet others in a different place to that of the world of words, at the Aldi event I found myself realising that  the freedom to draw is one of the most important things in my life, an activity that always teaches me something…………….


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