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So I am wondering what it is that draws me into the world of different realities typified by dementias?

Trying to understand my brain, seems a strange thing as I am using it while, at the same time trying to look at it objectively!

What exactly happens if we lose our ability to interact socially ? who is effected ? what is the effect? how much does it matter if we change our language and perhaps develop those primal elements of mark, sound and movement, elements that originally gave rise to language as we use it now? After all language changes, albeit subtley…………….

That sense of being relaxed with each other, learning from different behaviours to extend ourselves to places yet unknown…………………

A concertina drawing on tissue that feels like skin....

drawing through

Dementia awareness session 1

A meeting begins of 15 people, what do we expect and hope?

Dementia awareness session 2

Dementia awareness session 3

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