When I started filing

So trying to organise myself I thought I would sort out just one mailbox in my emails and found this response to the first visit I made to a dementia friendly cafe.


Love and affection, sadness, madness, noisy, hard of hearing, taking
my hearing aids out as they produce so much background noise.
they probably think I am mad/ bad at drawing, what are you doing? have
you made a picture? lonely gets me out, somewhere to go, can’t do it
anymore, he’s got Altzeimhers
performance, privacy, patronage
who are these people? where do they come from? why are they here? what
do they hope for, dream about? Is it fear of unknown places that
brings us here?
I’ve had a heavy weekend, lots of friends so not sure I can do this.
Eva won the dominoes and received a posy of flowers, someone brought
these lovely flowers from the allotment, banana cake, nut cake, lemon
and chocolate cake. would you like another cup of tea/ would you like
another cup of tea? I ‘ve be instructed to ask would you like another
cup of tea?
Were you embarrassed or irritated by me?
I danced, or sort of , having asked to waltz but failing to do it or
even follow the instructions, one, two , three, one , two three, I’ll
teach you, one two, three left, one two, three right
What the hell does it mean-one,two,three what? aggravated by the left
and right confusion but all good hearted
I was a senior civil servant, but what did you do? everything, create
He has a lovely voice, yes she does like to sing, no I meant you, but
you (she) are a dancer, ( coy) oh not really, but she was
You did not come to put the chairs away, did that help, are you still
No invitation to come again, no curiousity, I felt an outsider, a
strange beast
Conversation about collecting at Hay festival, even though we are not
a registered charity, but we do have a constitution, we will need? or
he’s good at that sort of thing

NO idea what to say, but will talk to you later or tomorrow

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