When BT lets you down and technology eludes

A neighbour who came to our Friday discussion in the SPace left the comments below.  Plagued by the inconsistency of BT and technological demand of getting oaths blog, she suggested that I might post her comments. I do so because I find it both interesting and exciting how other people make their own sense of work that I have been deeply engrossed it. It acts to remind me of how we each have our own viewpoints and ways of processing the world.

I keep thinking about your w.i.p. Pip and how exciting I found it to look at, and how the notions of identity, along with the visual impact of the piece, keep popping up in my mind in different ways. Such as:

… the melding, in the way I saw it, of fragility and sense of passage/transience right along with the rooted quality of the big folds clinging to the floor below the swaying paper. I loved that juxtaposition of delicacy and shape-shifting and impermanence along with images being simultaneously evoked of trees/monoliths/linear strengths and explorations.

… I loved the idea of the cuneiform lasting “marks” of identity imbedded in a surface that stretches and twists and fades and flutters. As a metaphor for human progress and digress through a life it works  powerfully.

… sitting and looking at those long parallel strips twisting a little in the warm air I suddenly found myself thinking about DNA and the double helix. And isn’t THAT about identity!

… then there was the colour progression – the cool and the warm somehow mirroring the contrasts in the texture, again making me think about what a mixture of subtle elements one’s identity must be, and how closely and rigorously one has to look at oneself in order to understand that and be honest or realistic about it.

… then there was the simple fact that I found it beautiful

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